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Name:ARTP mutagenesis breeding machine

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ARTP has the features of Non-GMO and strong effect on mutation breeding for wide range of application in the field of prokaryotes (bacteria, actinomycetes) and eucaryon (mycete, yeast, algae, macrofungi).
  1. Class 100 cleanliness of sterile wind is provided to avoid the phenomenon of microbiological contamination;
  2. Large operation space is provided to satisfy the series operation of mutagenesis and flat coating, avoid microbiological contamination caused by frequent transfer of samples, and improve the working efficiency;
  3. Using 4D automatic rotation objective table, can be achieved on the eight samples of automated continuous processing;
  4. Internal refrigeration system to ensure that the plasma jet temperature≤37℃;
  5. Air volume, ultraviolet and lighting can be controlled independently by controller panel.

Tmaxtree independently developed ARTP Mutagenesis Breeding Machine series products.With superior mutation performance, wide range of applications, easy to operate, and compatible with other mutagenesis methods, safety and environmental protection and other features, has been successfully applied in prokaryotes(such as bacteria, actinomycetesetc. ), eukaryotes(such as molds, yeasts, algae, fungi and higher plant seedlings, callus, seeds or protoplasts, etc. )breeding transformation. ARTP products are also exported to Singapore, Japan and other places with international customer recognition.

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